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Revlon tweezers travel set

I was trimming my eye brows today. I do not like it. It is so painful. I wonder if I use the right tweezers for my eye brows. How do you trim your eye brows? Do you go to a saloon? Do you do trim it by yourself? The last time I went to the saloon to trim my eye brows. This time I did it myself. What kind of tweezers do you use? I found this Revlon tweezers travel set.


It is perfect to carry wherever you go. It has stainless steel. It has two sets of tweezers. There is slant tip tweezers and point tip tweezers which is what I need. I now this tweezers work because it is from a prestigious beauty product company. These are mini but they work like a pro.

How to protect your lap top

Most of the fashion stylish has lap top. They bring it with them wherever they go like in a fashion show or dress rehearsals. You have to make sure that your lap top is protected from scratch or dust. You need a leather laptop case for your lap top. I need this important accessory for my lap top. You can find affordable prizes from this Website. I like the one that looks like a bag. It is so versatile. I should buy this one before our trip. What do you think? Are you planning to buy a case for your lap top? Please check this website for more designs.

Love this anti-aging product

I was privilege to try this beauty sample product for free.


Honestly, I like it on my face. I plan to buy the big bottle. I like their cleanser, scrub and mask. This is really working on my face. What I love about this beauty product is? It does not give me any itch. My skin is very sensitive especially on my face. It works for me and I am sure that it will work for you too. This is for women who want to prevent anti-aging. I will use my coupon to save some money on the big bottles. What about you? Have you heard of this product? Have you tried it?