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How short is too short?

Office wear for women is a minefield. While men can slip on a suit and debate whether or not to add a tie, women have to worry if their skirt is too short, their top is too low, the dress is too tight, their heels too high, and if their shirt is too see-through. On top of all that, we want to look fashionable in the office whilst maintaining a professional vibe. So – here’s how to finally achieve the elusive office look.

The pencil skirt

This is the classic office staple. The shape is flattering to all, and so long as you avoid dangerous slits and over-clingy material, is more than appropriate for standing up in the boardroom. Try a monochrome pattern skirt for a fashionable take on a white shirt/black skirt combination, such as this vintage print pencil skirt.

For a bit more excitement, go for a brightly coloured skirt. My favourite is this sunset-print skirt, which would look perfect teamed with a white blouse and structured blazer. The length is long enough to be office-appropriate, but the fun print will make you the envy of the workplace.

The dress

When you are looking for a classic office dress, go for simple and structured. Bright colours and bold prints work well – but only when worn in small doses. Stick to flattering shades and look for well-tailored clothes that look best under a blazer.

I love this sleeveless dress that comes in dark blue and fuchsia. The simple shift shape with a high-neck makes it ideal for the office, but the bright pink panels add a bold splash of colour – as well as shaving a few pounds of you with their optical illusion technique.

The jacket

Depending on the air-conditioning in your workplace, you will either be huddling in your jacket all-day or sauntering around with bare sleeves. If you are the latter, you can probably get away with just coming to work in a light jacket, like this gorgeous trench coat.

However, if you rarely take off your jacket, make sure you go for an office-appropriate blazer. Aim for something well-fitted and don’t be afraid to splash out on a really good staple. The better it looks, the more wear you will get out of it.



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