5 Ways To Dress Yourself Skinny

So many girls are complaining about how “fat” they are. Then you actually take a good look at these girls and you realize they aren’t fat at all, they just look fat. I can say this because I am a former bad dresser. I had to learn the hard way that how you dress plays an important role in how big or small you look. I was always wearing frumpy clothing even though I have a pretty petite frame. When it comes to your clothes, it matters what you choose. One shirt could make you look twenty pounds heavier while a different style could make you look ten pounds thinner. Which one would you choose? I’m betting you’d choose the latter. Here are five different ways you can dress yourself skinny!

1. Tiny prints.

Tiny prints, like polka dots, are an instant frame slimmer. If you choose huge dots or elongated stripes on a shirt, you are bound to look five or even ten pounds heavier. Who wants that? Nobody! Instead, opt for smaller prints on your shirts. Small polka dots, tiny animal print, or even little floral patterns are extremely flattering

2. Steer clear of horizontal stripes.

Horizontal stripes can make even the thinnest person on the planet look ten pounds heavier. Horizontal stripes are always adding unnecessary poundage to the sides of your body. No thank you! Steer clear of stripes altogether. Vertical stripes make you look like you are an inmate and horizontal stripes will make you look fat. Opt for a different patterned shirt.

3. Use a belt.

When you are looking to add a little definition to your shape, use a belt! A belt can look great with all types of outfits. From dresses to cardigans, loop a belt around your waist to make yourself look instantly smaller and more petite.

4. Choose form fitting shirts.

When you are trying on clothes in the dressing room, do you ever notice how dark the lighting is? Take a look at the mirror and the angle it is facing. Chances are, you look awesome in the fitting room. Now, I’m not saying you don’t look awesome in real life. But dressing rooms lie. So be sure you check out your shirt or pants from all angles. Sit down, stand up, turn around, jump up and down to see exactly how the shirt will fit when you are wearing it out in the real world. I can’t tell you how many times this little trick has saved me from buying a baggy shirt that made me look way heavier than I actually am.

5. Slim your pants to slim your legs.

Altering your clothes is so super important. No two people are built the same way, so why do we only have S, M, and L sizes to choose from? Everyone is built differently. That’s why altering your clothes is a necessity. Spend the extra cash to make sure that shirt you love fits you like a glove instead of adding ten or twenty pounds heavier. In fact, there are tons of different ways you can alter your clothes all by yourself!

About the author: Carly is a blogger for Smith Monitoring, a home security company that provides a Bedford home security system . She was always wearing the wrong clothes but luckily she has friends that tell it to her straight. She has her clothing appearance together now.

9 thoughts on “5 Ways To Dress Yourself Skinny

  1. Wanderer Juan

    These tips are not only for girls who want to look skinny but also for guys who want to highlight their best body parts.

  2. ralph

    really got no problem with being fat… in fact i am eating more to gain some. LOL. maybe i’ll do everything you suggest in opposite. hehehe. thanks. Yahweh bless.


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