Kiss nail dress perfect way to make your nails beautiful

I received one of these products that come in the Holiday box from Influenter. I received many items but will focus my review on this kiss nail dress.

Photobucket I really love this nail dress from Kiss.

Photobucket It comes in 28 pieces of strips.

Photobucket It is like a sticker but cuter than that. You can use it for your finger nails and toes.

Photobucket I use it in my finger nails. Guess who wants to make her finger nails more beautiful? My little girl wants them on her finger nails as well.

They are easy to use. You can pick the size for your finger nails. You can cut the extra, fold it and use the nail file to form it.

Photobucket The nail file has the two colors. You can pick the pink or blue side. We pick the pink of course. It stays on your finger nails for ten days if you want too. We use mine for couple of hours. I really love it. These are perfect for any occasion you want to attend and show how pretty your finger nails are.

I received these products free and am not compensated to write a beautiful review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

Thank you Santa for the Christmas dress for me and my doll

My kids were very lucky to receive many gifts from Santa. I guess they are very good last year. This is one of the gifts that my little girl is this Christmas dress. It also matches with her doll to wear for next Christmas. It is a size seven (7). She is wearing a size six (6). I am sure that this will fit on her next Christmas, right?

She is very happy that she got another matching dress for her and her doll. I am glad that she loves to play with her doll. I think this is the 7th pair of outfits that she and her dolly match. I know that she cannot wait for next Christmas and wear the same dress with her doll. She just has to wait.

What about your little girl? What did she got from Santa? Does your girl likes to wear a dress too?

Dressing is fun with No nonsense tights and leggings

This post brought to you by No nonsense. All opinions are 100% mine.


I love to wear a dress. I grow up wearing dress until now I prepare wearing dress than anything else. I wear dress when I go to church which I love the most. Now the winter here, wearing a dress is very cold. I need a legging or tights that go with my dress. Even my little girl loves to wear a dress too.  She also wears a tights or leggings to goes with her dress. 
I am very privileged that I received two No nonsense tights and leggings in the mail. I received the deep burgundy tights and espresso (it is more of a brown) leggings. I am so happy that I can wear them with the dress. I love to wear them both. They are so comfortable to wear with any dress or outfits that I want to wear. Going to church protects my legs from the cold. All I need is my winter coat and all set to hear the words of GOD. 
Do you know that you can buy or found the No nonsense tights/leggings at food & drug stores as well as mass retail stores? The No nonsense tights and leggings are affordable too. You cannot go wrong with that. I am encouraging my readers to please follow and like No nonsense on FacebookI am also encouraging my readers to please follow No nonsense in Twitter.
Do you know that Jill Martin, the fashion diva is partnering with No nonsense? She will share it to you all the trends about fashion. You will also learn the do's and don'ts of wearing tights and leggings. You will also learn that from Jill Martin on her expertise about fashion.   
I already clicked the Facebook like and follow No nonsense on  Twitter too. I do not want to miss any updates or promotions from them. By the way, I also include pictures of myself wearing tights and leggings. They are very comfortable and stylish to wear too. You can wear any colors you want to match with your outfit. 

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