My new Victoria’s Secret black two piece swimsuit

I always like wearing two piece swimsuits than one piece swimsuit. I am comfortable wearing than two pieces than the one piece. I love the color black as well. I bought these two piece swimsuit online at Victoria’s Secret. I bought it for $24 and use my $10 off to save some money. These are string type of swimsuit.

Victoria's Secret two piece swimsuit

I will only wear this swimsuit in our pool. I will not wear them in public. I think the strings for me are not too tight. I am not comfortable wearing them at the beach. I do not mind wearing them in our pool. My husband likes it. I have to please for my husband’s eyes only.

I just wish that I have firmer stomach to look a lot nicer. I guess I have to deal with my consequence for not eating healthy food and not working out regularly. Would you wear two piece swimsuit or a one piece swimsuit?

I will link this entry to the 20th day of this month blog photo challenge.

Tips on how to remove pimples

When I was a teen-ager, I have many pimples on my face. It does not look pretty. I guess it is part of being a teen-ager. I am glad that it did not leave ugly marks on my face. I did try many things to clear up my pimples. I tried putting a lipstick on it. I know it sounds funny but it worked. Some of my cousins had nasty pimples on my face. I am glad that my face did not end like that. I am glad that I just leave my pimples alone.

 photo howtoremovepimples.jpg
(photo not mine)

Now that I am almost 40 years old, there are times that I get pimples too. It does not help that I have an oily type of skin especially on my face. I am stubborn washing my face and probably that is one main reason. I am still thankful that my pimples are not really bad.

How about you? Do you have pimples? Do you wish you know how to remove that pimple? Are you tired of them? You can find the tips on how to prevent from not having pimples. These are really helpful. I wish you good luck and pimples free. Nothing beats a pimple free face.

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