Doing the exercise

When I first came here in America, I was 28 years old. At 5’4? tall, I weigh only 88 pounds. I am so skinny. I am not anorexic. I did not know that sometimes being skinny is unhealthy. How I wish I maintain my body.

I weigh 120 pounds now. I have a two kids age eight and four years old. I think I am still skinny but I have a gut now. Sometimes I work out but I am not consistent with work out.
Is it true also that if you drink pop with much ice, will make your gut big? I cannot have a drink without ice but not with the milk. I bought DVD work outs but stop working out after few months. I know I should continue my work out. Some of my friends join a dance program.

Fall is here. Do you friends work out? What do you to stay fit? Please share any tips. I will really appreciated it so much.

Red hat society

We were invited at the party lasts Saturday. My husband’s friend invited us. The mother of my husband’s friend had a party. She is a member of the red hat society club. She is the chairperson of the women’s club. I only heard the name but I really do not know what it is all about. I met few ladies and I asked her what is the club all about. She said that it is for ladies that want to make friends and have the best time in their lives. This picture was in their backyard. I could not resist how pretty the red hat is.