How to keep your face flawless

Beauty comes in many ways. Being beautiful means you have a flawless skin. How do you keep your face from being flawless? Some people are prune for having imperfect skin likes my brother. How I wish I have the money to take help him take cares of his face. He does have the acne.

My brother’s face is mostly covered with acne. I wonder how they got those. I wonder too if it comes from his work. I am very interested about acne light treatment for his face. This is the best choice for him. He is still very young and needs to improve his face. The acne light therapy is very important for him to continue healing of his face. I wonder how much does it cost. Do you have the acne problem too like my brother? You should check out the Website. You can give them a call for more information. I still love my brother though but how I wish I could help his acne problem. Acne Light Treatment
Via: Tanda Skincare

Brown face mask for the kids

My husband bought these face mask for his kids. The store is having an outerwear sale. I am glad that he bought two, one for his son and one for his daughter. Buffalo has a crazy weather. I know that our winter is mild but there are times that it is bone chilling outside. The kids use these face mask when they play outside the snow, make snowman and sledding. The face mask surely protects their faces from the chills. My husband spends time with his kids outside. I stay inside while watching them having fun in the snow. I am linking this entry to Thursday Brownies.

My favorite meal at our lunch date

My husband and I have our lunch date once a month. It is great to spend time just us without the kids. We usually dine out when the kids are in school. He wants to have a great meal after he finish works the mid-night shift. We always eat at our favorite restaurant. They have delicious foods and we love to order the filet mignon. This is very affordable and delicious meal. My husband and I both eat the same food. You should try this meal. It is very juicy too. I cannot wait to have our lunch date again this month. This is a great way to sparkle the romance at the same time enjoying our favorite meal.