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Old Gringo Boots for United Nations Week

Throughout the world, from October 20th and the 26th, schools team up together with the government and private offices to celebrate United Nation’s Week. In the office where I work, it was no exception! In the building, every room was decorated differently and had different colors for it’s theme. Ours got brightly colored rainbow graffiti and the employees were excited and in awe as it was a total change from what we are usually accustomed to. I remember how busy I was that week. I had to prepare food and costumes for the cultural performance contest later. Oh! I was so worried. I had to find or somehow make, effortless and elegant attire so everyone involved looked good! Some employees in other departments had to wear long/short gowns. Some were wearing different designs of hats with feathers, and some got to dress up with colorful tribal themes. My friends prepared their things and got ready as well, so they were under as much stress as I was. I couldn’t bother them with any of my troubles. But it all came together in the end, my group had everything done by the deadline. I was so so worried about making the cowboy outfit perfect, that I forgot that my brother had the PERFECT boots to make the outfit complete.

“Great!” I thought. “I have my brother’s cowboy suit. Complete with the most authentic old gringo boots I have ever seen!” That very second, I stopped what I was doing and I packed up my things for the quick drive home. My brother loves cowboy style clothes. And he has a collection of different boots. He has this nice tan and brown spotted vest with beautiful old gringo boots to match. So I matched up my leather skirt with brown fringe and pink trim, matching fringed arm bands and a pink lame scarf. I really loved the end result. I looked like a real cowgirl! My brother’s old gringo boots are manufactured by Artisan, so I went looking for my own boots once this was all over of course!

So I know you are dying to know…yes, I got back in the office on time. And fifteen minutes later the dance show began! We were the 10th group to go on. We called ourselves, “Cowboy Casanova”. While we were dancing, we made everyone feel like they were in Texas! And guess what? The boots must have been magic…WE WON THE CONTEST! Registered & Protected

Victoria Beckham looking gorgeous four months after giving birth

Can you believe she had a baby girl four months ago? Wow! What a gorgeous body she has. She gave birth to Harper last July. I am sure we are envious of her body. How does celebrity slim so fast? I remember she is one singer from the group The Spice Girls. I love all their songs. It is great music for work out too. Do you still remember the Spice Girls? Who is your favorite singer from the group?

Where to have Painless acne removal done

Acne Light Treatment
Via: Tanda Skincare

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