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About Fragrances

Humans have been woods, resins and gums to produce pleasant smells since ancient times. These substances were burnt during religious rituals. After a while, people learned to soak the fragrant resins and woods in oil and water and anoint their bodies with it. They also embalmed the dead with these fragrant liquids.

The French, of course, gave the name parfum to the fragrances made from the smoke of burning resins and flowers. Parfum is derived from the Latin. Per means through, and fumus means smoke.

Now, the perfume industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. A haute perfumerie can sell even small amounts of sought after and rare perfumes for hundreds of dollars. Celebrities and clothes designers have now gotten into the business of creating signature scents or allowing others to create scents for them.

Quality perfumes have a top note, heart notes and base notes. The top note is the fragrance a person notices first, the middle or heart notes make up the body of the fragrance and emerge when the top note starts to dissipate. The base notes come in after the heart notes begin to dissipate. They’re usually deep, musky smells derived from animals. Some notes can be quite exotic. For example, one high end eau de toilette spray has a top note of cinchona bark, heart notes of aloe wood and olibanum resin and a base note of musk. Another has top notes of plum and lilac, heart notes of osmanthus and damask rose and base notes of sandalwood and honey amber.

Used my Victoria’s Secret coupons and bought a new two piece swimsuit

I have Victoria’s Secret coupons that will expire. One coupon will expire that day. It is a $10 off if you buy with your Angel card. I also have a coupon that is $20 off. I use the two coupons yesterday. They are having a sale on swimsuit. Yesterday was the last day as well.

 photo mynewswimsuit_zps0600357e.jpg

I used my coupons to buy a two piece swimsuit. I love to wear two piece swimsuit than one piece swimsuit. I admit I do not have beautiful body but who cares. I have the two kids. It does not matter as long as you are confident of your body. Besides I only wear my two piece when I am swimming in our pool. My family will only see my body. I ordered the two piece in black color. I always love black with intimate and swimsuit as well. I cannot wait to receive them. How about you? Do you like to wear a one piece or two piece swimsuit? Price Savings Online For Summer Dress

Summer is just a few months away, which means now is the perfect time to update your wardrobe with the latest styles! Look no further than your computer for access to a variety of trendy designs, colors and fabrics. You’ll be able to browse through hundreds of options on affordable websites with only a few quick clicks of your mouse. Surf the latest trends in summer dresses by shopping online, and save money by taking advantage of great offers like’s price savings.

 photo freeshipping_zpscd77ef15.jpg

The advantages of shopping online are countless. You can shop without leaving your home … or even getting dressed, if that’s your thing! You are able to shop on yourschedule without needing to check if the stores are open. The holiday rush and weather concerns do not affect the online shopper, and neither does parking or traffic. That’s because the entire transaction happens in the comfort of your home, whether you’re in your pajamas or while waiting for an appointment.

So when you’re shopping online, what do you look for in a summer dress? To begin, think of the places you’ll wear it. If the barbecues and picnics you’ll attend this summer will be casual, go for a wide strap A-line-skirted sundress. If you have a beach wedding to attend, opt for bold, floral prints with a maxi-dress silhouette. Designers make summer dresses for every possible occasion, and the one that’s right for you is out there!

You have the added benefit of reading feedback from other shoppers who have already bought the items you’re considering. Online reviews are usually a reliable resource of information about the purchase you’re about to make. These reviews can make or break a sale of an item, depending on how positive or negative they are.

The best thing about online reviews when shopping for clothing is that they can usually be trusted to replace the “fitting room experience.” The reviewer who bought the dress you’re researching and noticed that it ran a little big or just a tad small will help you to determine whether or not you should buy it, as well as what size you should order. The community of online shoppers can help you through sharing experiences. Click here for a money saving review .

Take note of where the shopper who reviewed the item lives. Make sure to pay attention to how old the review is and whether the reviewer is a “top commenter” or a registered shopper. These users and their reviews have more validity because they’re invested in using the site. They’ve made repeat visits to the site and have made a commitment to shop there frequently. Be sure to check out the ratings before you click on “purchase.”

There is no need to wait for sales at the end of the season to find great deals, either. And that’s because making pricing comparisons is so easy when you’re shopping online, too. Many online search programs let you compare deals available at a variety of sites by listing all the items on one page with the best prices highlighted.

Dressing in the summertime is so relaxed and easy! Make the shopping experience match it, and take the simplest route to buying your next great summer dress.