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Doing the exercise

When I first came here in America, I was 28 years old. At 5’4? tall, I weigh only 88 pounds. I am so skinny. I am not anorexic. I did not know that sometimes being skinny is unhealthy. How I wish I maintain my body.

I weigh 120 pounds now. I have a two kids age eight and four years old. I think I am still skinny but I have a gut now. Sometimes I work out but I am not consistent with work out.
Is it true also that if you drink pop with much ice, will make your gut big? I cannot have a drink without ice but not with the milk. I bought DVD work outs but stop working out after few months. I know I should continue my work out. Some of my friends join a dance program.

Fall is here. Do you friends work out? What do you to stay fit? Please share any tips. I will really appreciated it so much.

Working out at a young age

My son sees his Daddy working out either inside the house or in the garage. He wants to follow his Daddy. Luckily, at a young age his muscle is develops already. He is a very strong kid. He is so active. One day I am watching my son grabs his Daddy’s gadgets. He is trying to do push-ups but cannot do it yet. I want to buy him kids work out for his age. Look at him in this picture.