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A driver buddy

My husband drives to his doctor’s appointment yesterday morning. He needs a driver with him after his appointment. He cannot go home with a driver. I was a driver buddy yesterday. I am glad that we got home safely. He taught me how to pass my driving test. Even if we fight while practicing, it paid off because I now get my license. This is only a small way to help him.

Shopping At Express

I was very happy that there is Express store at the mall. I was surprised that they have my favorite jeans store. We went to Express jeans to check out the jeans. I cannot wait to go shop by myself. I love the store. They sell jeans that I want. My husband also found the suits that he likes. We have to go back sometime this week when the kids are in school.

Umbrella will keep you cover

We used this umbrella to the beach yesterday. This was on our picnic table by the pond. I am glad that my husband brought it with us yesterday. It really keep us cover from the sun rays. A great thing to keep us cool. I love this umbrella. It is really important for the Summer.