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Sleeping comfortably at a hotel

Models always sleep any hotel every time they have a photo shoots. I am sure that every place is beautiful. Traveling is one hobby that I love. A model travels a lot too. I am sure that they miss their own room and their family.

Staying in a luxurious hotel with beautiful lines that you are laying is comfy. White Company is one online store that sells bed linen uk for affordable prices. Are you in scene in the UK? You should check out their beautiful bed essentials that model like you love. Some models are picky and some love simple yet elegant bed essentials. Delivery in the UK does not takes long. Before you know it your bed essentials are right on your home. They also offer international delivery too. It is great for their international customers like us in the USA. You should check it out when you are in the UK working for a photo shoot.


My little girl has a new hair cut on Valentines Day

This little girl goes to the saloon more often than the Mommy. I think she has her hair cut twice a month. Hair cut is not even cheap. The Daddy does not like her little girl’s hair long. I guess since he pays and I should not complain, right? This was on Valentines Day when she had her hair cut. It took for the woman to cut her hair. My little girl even has a book to read. How often your little girl does have a hair cut? Do you go to a saloon? Do you do it by your own?

You can’t beat the classic heart sugar cookie on Valentine’s Day

Guest post written by Deborah Lincoln

It doesn’t seem like a holiday is officially happening until I make some type of homemade candy or baked good to commemorate it. It’s kind of my thing and my family always expects it of me. I don’t mind that though. If I didn’t love it, I wouldn’t’ do it after all!

I thought that this year I might go with some kind of crazy or trendy new recipe. When I was looking online and trying to get an idea, I ran across the website and after I looked through it a little bit I decided to use it to help out our family’s financial situation. It certainly isn’t the best but I really want to improve it for all our sakes.

After all that looking around online for recipes, I decided to just stick with this heart sugar cookies recipe. You really can’t beat a classic cookie recipe. Also, I love the excuse to use some cute little sprinkles and colorful icing. They seem to make something simple seem that much more special.