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Shop for his little girl’s short

The Daddy went to Wal-Mart store to buy some stuff. He also buys some shorts for his little girl.


I think he did a wonderful job shopping. What do you think? I thought that shorts look small on my little girl. Surprisingly, it fits on her perfectly. I love the colors. The three jeans shorts have adjustable waist on them which is wonderful. I do not think these shorts will fit on her next year though. She really needs summer outfits. The clothes she had last summer where too small on her. What about you? Does your husband shop clothes for your kids too? I am linking the brown shorts to Thursday Brownies.


This garden tote bag is just too adorable

I went grocery shopping yesterday. I passed by the garden section of the store. I found this adorable garden tote bag.


They also have a back pack for sale. This garden tote bag caught my attention. There is no way it is use for gardening only.


I bought it without a doubt for my little girl. She could bring this on the beach, where she can put her swimsuit, sun block lotion and hair brush. The designs are just beautiful too. There are tulips all around the tote bag. She has now a tote bag where she can put her snacks while inside the airport or inside the airplane.

Dannielynn Birkhead looks adorable at Kentucky Derby

Do you know Dannielynn Birkhead? She is the daughter of the late Anna Nicole Smith and Larry Birkhead.


Father and daughter attended the Kentucky Derby lasts Saturday. She looks so pretty in her dress and hat.


It looks like Larry did a wonderful job raising this pretty girl. She looks like her Mommy, Anna Nicole Smith. Dannielynn is six years old now. She grows up so fast. It was in the Kentucky Derby that her Mom and Dad met too. I wish this pretty girl a very beautiful life ahead of her. Does she look so pretty in her hat? I am linking this entry to #129 of 366 Blog Photo Challenge.