An analysis between Twitter and Instagram

An analysis between Twitter and Instagram

Where Instagram is a social media platform which aims to share media, Twitter is a form of news and social media platform used by a variety of active politicians and celebrities. Instagram has become the place for advertising, marketing posts and Twitter especially popular for its use by celebrities and politicians while Twitter handles news updates and highlights. Although they both are social media platforms, there are a majority of differences between the two, below are some.

Word Limit

Twitter has a word limit set to 140 in its posts. Although is feature has provided twitter to post extremely precise posts, it is still difficult to post. However, URLs will be shortened in order to save space and quoted tweets and names will not be counted in the specific word limit.

Instagram does not possess a word limit but on user testing, a limit of 2,200words was observed. These words will be presented as a text under a picture, the initial viewable is less and then users can click to read on. A single post can, however, have somewhat 30 hashtags.

Style of posting

Twitter offers supports media uploads during posts, but the text has a limitation. This limitation has proven to make Twitter as a source of news, from mass media and individuals. The types of posts can include; Text-only, Pictures, Videos, GIFs, and Polls.

Instagram is moreover focused on the media part of the post. While uploading on Instagram, you need to at least post a picture or a video, to which you can add your other written post in the caption. The Types of posts can include; Pictures, Video, and GIFs

Direct Messages

Both the social media platforms have direct messages which include the transfer of Texts, Photos, Videos, and GIFs. Although the difference in this is the group chats. Twitter offers up to 50 people in a single chat, whereas Instagram only offers 15.


In response to the Snapchat’s success, Instagram also added its Stories feature back in 2016. These allow users to post photos and videos which remain there only for the next 24 hours. Users can eve nadd texts, filters, and stickers to the story, and view who has seen them. However, Twitter allows multiple media attachments along its posts, it does not possess a ‘story’ feature. You can also download Instagram videos.

Shop Now

In the case of pages of brands, Instagram has introduced a ‘Shop Now’ feature which links the user directly to the online store of those specific brands, online. As almost all of the users are following the least of one brand, it is considered as a good scheme for active and useful engagement between a potential customer and the brand. However, Twitter does not possess this feature.


Twitter, as well as Instagram, use advertisements, it is used as the main source of promotion for the brands. On Twitter, advertisements usually show up as ‘promoted’ tweets that randomly are displayed between the daily tweets on feeds. However, Instagram has furthermore options for advertisement placement and users can also get instagram followers cheap $1 only. It has been seen that Stories are being used for this purpose as well.