Has Emma changed her wrestling abilities after returning to the main roster in the company?



Emma was born on March 1st, 1989 and made her wrestling debut in 2007. She is a professional wrestler and currently signed with the WWE. She is a wrestler who has given a second chance to revive her career in so many ways and it looks like she is doing great. Who would have thought that in so young age she will become so much talented and work hard, after her first debut in the last one year Emma did not know how to wrestle or come on top but it seems she is doing an amazing job with some ruthless aggression in her side. Now we can hope to see that the new era of female wrestlers has truly begun and we can expect so much from them, with the talent like her has in the roster the divas revolution has come at last and she will be part of it in every way possible.

  • How she began her career?

Even she hasn’t accomplished anything in her career, but still she has performed in multiple wrestling factions on individual level like, watch wrestling MCW, ECCW, and SWA where she really polished her wrestling skills.

  • How was her NXT journey so far?

At that time Emma had to go into both shows and perform both in mixed tag team and singles matches and lost mostly. NXT gave her the platform that every young woman deserves to be seen as the real wrestler and quite frankly she get overwhelmed from it.

  • After returning to the squared circle how she is doing?

After a long gap she has returned in the ring and has defeated many top divas like, Paige, Becky Lynch, summer Rae, and many more. As if she has done real home work on her wrestling abilities and improves a lot by implementing and watchwrestling daily on WWE Network.

  • How much fans like her now this time?

The fans have a soft corner for her and like her as she done. It truly shows their support towards her and now she knows how to entertain the live crowd and get them behind on your side eventually.

  • What about her current position in the company?

At the moment she is been in so many various feuds with different divas on weekly shows and winning it and we can see that after some time she will get a women’s championship match in near future.