A Father Looking For Look Back Videos Of His Son

Social Media is a useful platform everyone. It is a statement those people understand who use it positively. The Social Media is a platform where you can share videos, images, and text with your contacts. You can upload your activities to share with the people you want. You can interact with the people you don’t even know personally. Today the Businesses understand the importance of Social Media and use it to increase their brand awareness. They Buy Real Active Instagram Followers and make their ways towards the success. It is a platform that helps people in their personal lives as well let’s take a look at how?

Facebook helped in a father’s quest:

Well, we like Facebook, Instagram, and other Social Media sites. But not necessarily everyone likes it. Many people are opposed to using Social Media platforms. They believe that it is ruining our young generation. They may not be entirely wrong. It is a fact that if you use it wrong, it can destroy your life. But if you use Social Media positively it can do wonders.

Let’s read the story of a father who was searching for his son’s videos on Social Media. John Berlin who lived in St.Lious was looking for a specific Look Back video of his late son. He lost his son in 2012 and wanted to access that video of his son. Facebook in the year 2012 on its 10th anniversary allowed people to make a video montage to share their memories.

John Berlin’s video message:

John wanted to access the montage of his lost son. He tried to access that video montage but failed. He posted a video on Facebook and asked people to help him find that particular video. We all understand the power of Social Media, so John’s video went viral and finally reached out to that Look-Back video.

Facebook came to help John:

After making many attempts, John decided to take Facebook’s help. We have already stated earlier that he posted a video message on Facebook that went viral. Facebook contacted John and said that they are going to make that video for him. John also stated that the Facebook has said that they will try to help those who have lost their loved ones.

Jesse’s memories:

John’s son Jesse’s video montage was on Facebook after john’s attempt to find his memories. John says Thank you to all the friend’s who helped him make his video viral. He also Thanked Facebook who served him in collecting his lost son’s memories.


Final verdict:

It is true that everything has its pros and cons so is the Social Media. But we should teach our youth to use this fantastic platform positively. You may have seen the Business as well that are making their ways towards success by using the Social Media marketing. They Buy Instagram followers and other Social Media services with the aim to increase sales. So make a positive use of Social Media get the maximum out of it.