Facebook vs. Twitter: which one is the best?

graph of active users of social media

They usually say “may the best one win”. If we compare the number of monthly active users, we will say that Facebook is perhaps the best one, then. But things are not at easy and clear as that. Let us compare both these platforms, first.

  • In terms of purpose: Facebook is a multi-puspose social networking platform par excellence. It allows you to chat, post pictures and videos, texts, share files, and play games. Twitter is totally different in that it was built around the idea of posting extremely short 140-character messages or rather “tweets”. These two networks are the most popular networks around the world. Facebook has a larger audience than Twitter, but this can be explained by the fact that it was founded earlier than Twitter.
  • Twitter deliberately gives itself a “professional” look. Facebook tries to keep it cool. Facebook does not appear as a formal and professional platform at all. It is the platform on which you communicate with friends and relatives so it has to stay cool. On Twitter, because you don’t have the instant messaging features, and because you are limited to 140 characters, you are somehow obliged to keep everything short, formal and professional.
  • In terms of brand promotion: Facebook and Twitter are really, both interesting. The audiences vary, the marketing techniques are also different on both platforms, but both are worth it. Whether you are a public figure, a politician, a make-up artist or a non-professional user, these platforms can both allow you to reach a large audience, be heard, get famous, etc.
  • In terms of the quality of the content shared: On Twitter, users are limited to 140 characters per tweet. This has considerable advantages: people tend to think twice before posting a tweet, and the content is less casual than Facebook. However, this 140-character limitation has also a huge negative effect on the language used by Twitter users. Grammar, spelling, etc no longer matter on Twitter.
  • Twitter is a little easier to use than Facebook. For a newcomer in the online world of social media networking, choosing between buy twitter followers cheap and Facebook likes can be difficult. The first thing to consider is whether you want to connect with people or with ideas. Second, it is also important to know if you prefer using a platform with limited features and functionalities or if you prefer a platform full of confusing features that will take a little time for you to get used to. Twitter is believed to be easy to use for beginners because of its limited features. On facebook, it takes a little more time, but eventually, things get fun when users are offered various possibilities such as private messages, chats, walls, finding old friends and liking celebrities.


So, in short, if you have the possibility to use both, do so. But is you have to choose just one platform, maybe the best choice would be Facebook, for all it has to offer..


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