6 Interesting Facts about Social Media [Latest 2017]

In today’s world, people are interacting with the world around via social media. It is not just a platform for socializing with the world around but also a place for communicating with valuable contacts. Almost every millennial is signing up to some sort of social media network. Social media has become a sort of addiction for every teenager, as it is weaving web around the entire globe. That’s why, every person will be interested in knowing the six amazing facts about social media. Let’s take a look at them!

1.  The biggest social media network

With every new day, a new social media network comes on the limelight but still, the biggest social media network is Facebook with around 1.60 billion users from different part of the world. This figure is roughly equal to the entire population of India, so you can imagine its popularity. The social media creatures believe that Facebook is the ideal choice for people who wants to enhance his social circle. It accounts for about 21 percent of the social media referral traffic in the globe. Moreover, statistics also revealed that about 23 percent of the Facebook users check their account almost 5 times a day.

2.  Mobile Internet Access

Since technology is getting more compact day by day, so major portion of the mobile internet access is for social networking. About 91 percent of the people access the social networking sites through mobile. The technology is offering easier ways for using social media. That is why, about 73 percent of the smartphone users are accessing the social network through various apps. This trend shows steady growth since 2014, so you can expect further increase in the coming years.

3.  Gender Difference

Statistics indicated that men dominate the LinkedIn and YouTube while more women use Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. It revealed that about 40 percent of male are using Facebook or Twitter while other 60 percent are female. In the same way, Pinterest is also dominated by females while Google Plus is an area solely for males.

4.  Biggest Platform for marketers

In the previous era, it is quite difficult to find the right place for marketing. However, the marketers found the largest platform for marketing in the form of social media. Statistics revealed that about 93 percent of the marketers use social media for making their products popular. Since every person has an account on social media and buy real active Instagram followers, so marketers believe that it would be a great route for gaining popularity. Still, it is surprising that only 9 percent of the marketing companies have bloggers that work full-time.

5.  Biggest category of discussion on Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the biggest social media network which is dominated by females. The biggest category for discussion on Pinterest is drinks and food. Statistics revealed that 57 percent of the users are interacting with the food-relation pins.

6.  World of selfies

Today, every person wants to have a good selfie phone because the trend of taking selfie is overwhelming. Instagram is a photo sharing social media and statistics revealed that more than 41 million of Instagram photos have selfie-related hashtags.